The Lambeth Conference

“In particular it is hoped that by the end of the conference, as bishops we will be restored and refreshed spiritually, have a deeper knowledge of each other and the missionary challenges facing each of us in different places around the world, be more aware of the resources, both spiritual and physical that God has given us to meet these challenges, have a greater understanding and appreciation of our life together in the Anglican Communion and our collegiality as Anglican bishops, continue to address the internal conflicts of recent years, discover a new level of trust in our common service in God’s mission, have a greater understanding of the special contribution that Anglicanism can make to the world wide family of churches and the wider world.”

"It was a great occasion this year and a tremendous experience as we gathered to celebrate our fellowship in Jesus Christ. We understood the opportunity to be an occasion when the Bishops could listen to and discuss the challenges that the Communion is facing. As for me, it was an opportunity to share our concerns in an environment which was free of prejudice and animosity. The environment has been created to work together in honesty and openness, which greatly helped us to renew our commitment to the mission of the Church. The planning was also designed to better equip the bishops to be leaders of Christ’s flock. The Archbishop of Canterbury, explaining his vision for the bishops, quoted, “Better Bishops for the Sake of a Better Church,” More>>>